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have it ever crossed your mind that perhaps modeling isn’t really for you? i mean after all the ‘contests’ you’ve joined and asserted yourself in— still you haven’t made your way on top. sure, you’ve won in some wannabe contests but haven’t gone that far

Ooohhhhhh… sizzle sizzle. And asked on my birthday ha.

Yes, sometimes it does cross my mind. But I’ve never insisted that I’m a “supermodel” or that I’m “on top” (or anywhere near it). What’s important for me is that I take every opportunity that I get and I enjoy what I’m doing. God has a great plan for me, modeling or not. :)

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Where’d you learn how to do make-up? Galing inggit ako, you know how to make yourself look even more beautiful! :)

AWWW thank you so much! I love it, my so called make-up skills are getting positive feedback! YAY!
Anyway, to answer your question, I learned from YouTube. I usually just watch make-up tutorials when I’m not doing anything. It relaxes me actually. I can almost feel the brushes touching my face… (Ano daw?)
Anyway someday, I shall make one myself…. somedayy :( haha

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Starting this JULY 30, Saturday, 7PM on ETC. Replays on Sunday 10pm.


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It’s been a while since I shot a vid.

JZONE-Alabang brings you a new series - LOST. Starting July 30, 4pm, 3rd Flr. Multipurpose Hall, CCF Alabang. See you!

Director: Phoebe Rutaquio
Editor: Phoebe Rutaquio and Sarah Grace Soriano

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What brand of make up do you prefer? Afford lng po..(:

Elf is definitely good and affordable! :) Almost everything’s at 129Pesos. But I’m also loving The Face Shop right now. I love their very pigmented lip glosses!

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Ashley Gosiengfiao: Boheme shoot, and some realizations →


It’s been too long since I last held my camera to actually shoot something that’s not spontaneous. It really is such a blessing that it happened, and I have my good ol’ friend Teki to thank for inviting me to join. :)

This shoot made it possible for me to reconnect with two things: my camera, and somebody I least expected… God. Because of what Zeus, one of the photographers, shared with us, I got to realize a lot of things. I realized I’d forgotten about Him, how I’m never really alone even though that’s how I feel most of the time, because He’s always there. I’m never really unloved because He’s always there to make me feel loved. And for the longest time, I’d forgotten that.

Because of all this, I now see my camera as a symbol. I experienced this whole going-back-into-photography thing almost simultaneously with my going-back-to-God. Yes that’s one thing.

Another sweeter thing I’d come to understand is this: Through my camera’s viewfinder, as well as through God, I see a more beautiful world. :)

Photos: Ashley Gosiengfiao 
Models: Gela Munoz / Deborah Victa / Phoebe Rutaquio 
Makeup: Julie Anne Profugo / Lea Yosalina 
Styling: Danika Navarro / Bernadine So 
Clothes: BOHEME by Danika Navarro

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Photo by Lyka OrhelMake-up by Maui ManaloStyling by Patty Baligod 

Photo by Lyka Orhel
Make-up by Maui Manalo
Styling by Patty Baligod 

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Cupcake tray #2 from PB&G’s Cupcake Corner last Friday! :)


Cupcake tray #2 from PB&G’s Cupcake Corner last Friday! :)

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